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Creation Of Pakistan: A Story Full Of Sacrifice

It was June 23, 1947 when partition of the subcontinent was announced and the foundation stone of a new Islamic state was laid. This was the practical initiation of building a brand new nation with values laid on strong beliefs and norms. Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated on August 14 every year. This is actually the celebration of the declaration of the country coming into being. Creation of Pakistan was not a new idea. It in fact came into being on the same day when the first Muslim stepped down on this piece of land.

Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated on national level. The whole nation expresses the spirit of unity, brotherhood, comradeship, serenity and global peace. Creation of Pakistan is no less than a miracle. A land where other nations and religions have ruled for thousands of years, where other religions like Hinduism and Buddhism had rooted so deeply that nobody can even imagine that these people can change their religion even after hundreds of thousands of generations.

In the 8th century when people including Muslims of the Arab countries were contributing in the trade between different continents, abduction and detention of a Muslim lady was reported to Arab leader Hajjaj Bin Yousaf who ordered a hardly mature, nuke youngster of seventeen year, Muhammad bin Qasim to invade and acclimatize the Muslim lady. The great warrior of Islam invaded with a limited army and defeated Raja Dahir, capturing the port of Debal (now known as Karachi).

With this army, a large number of Muslim scholars also arrived to the subcontinent. This was a great break through towards the creation of Pakistan. These scholars preached the true teachings of Islam to the local residents who were indulged in darkness of ignorance. In fact they were fed up with the ridiculous customs of their religions like burning the widow with his died husband and many like this. They readily accepted the teachings of Islam that won their hearts and relieved them from those frustrated customs. The ultimate influence was that Islam started spreading all over the subcontinent.

This progress of Islam was not acceptable by critic racialists and they started propaganda against Islam. As the time passed by, this propaganda became more critical. Muslims ruled the subcontinent for more than seven centuries. This is indeed a long duration but still the two major religions could not come together to mix up with each other.

After the English invasion, the English changed the political scene altogether and they ruled this part of land for about two hundred years. During English reign, Muslims suffered a lot. They were deprived of their properties, jobs and almost everything. This sense of depravity created a sense of riot in the Muslims of the subcontinent which reinforced the idea of creation of Pakistan. Fortunately, there were many great people in the Muslim community who could realize the situation. Muhammad Ali was indeed a great leader with a strong sense of forecasting the future. He actively participated in the campaign for the creation of Pakistan and took solid steps to fail the combined conspiracies of the British and Hindus.

The efforts bore fruit and after a heavy payment of cost in terms of loss of millions of Muslim lives, properties and insane and brutal acts of molesting Muslim women, Pakistan came into being. The dawn of 14th august 1947 was a great day and to tribute to efforts and sacrifices of all those people who had been part of this great achievement in one way or other, people of Pakistan celebrate this day.

Pakistan's National Anthem

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