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FileDownloadPE: an addition to Pirate Edition family of MODx addons

After WebloginPE, we finally have FileDownloadPE, a new filedownload snippet for modxcms with some cool features, including hidding the real path from public and availability of modxcms' native Access Control to the individual files. As Scotty's (our Dr. of Fine Pirate Arts!) own words:

FileDownloadPE (Pirate Edition) is a secure file downloading snippet for the MODx CMS/F. FileDownloadPE is secure as it hides the actual path to your file. FileDownloadPE keeps track of how many times each file has been downloaded and lets you display that number wherever you want. There are no extra plugins to install with FileDownloadPE, and you can have multiple download links per page. Each "FileDownloadPE" file being served is a MODx document, so you have the full service of Access Control Lists (ACL) meaning you have the ability to restrict downloads to certain groups. FileDownloadPE uses a PHP5 class to ensure data protection and encapsulation. As such, a server running PHP 5.x or greater is required.

Ok, time to grab the download and see examples, visit the following links:

Download FileDownloadPE

Read the documentation

Get support on modxcms forums