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[How-To] Unblock yourself in MODx

To unblock yourself from the MODx Manager, please follow the steps below:

You need to have access to phpMyAdmin on your host, if you don't have it, then ask your webhost.

  1. Now open phpMyAdmin.
  2. Select your database from dropdown list in left menu of phpMyAdmin. (e.g. modx)
  3. Now, you see the list of tables displayed in left menu.
  4. Find table name with "table_prefix_user_attributes". (e.g. modx_user_attributes)
  5. Find your username in the list.
  6. In your username row, you will find field named "[b]blockeduntil[/b]" and this field contains 10 digits value (e.g. 1116602445)
  7. Edit the field, and set the value to "0" (zero).
  8. Save the table and exit from phpMyAdmin.
  9. And you are done.

There is also a plugin UnblockMailMe, you can try that for easy unblocking in the future if needed.

WARNING: Before doing any manual database work, please backup your database, especially the table you are working with.