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MODx released

While the numbering scheme would imply a simple patch, it is in fact a substantial upgrade, especially in the areas of security and Manager functionality.

MODx should really be labelled as 0.9.7—but that would create confusion given to how Revolution (currently in Alpha) was formerly referred. But we digress ... it's a big update.

MODx release is available for download, read the official announcement. See the changelog for details of the changes since previous version.

This includes numerous improvements and bug fixes and security of the cms is more improved regarding the HTTP_REFERER and potential CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) vulnerabilities. So be sure to upgrade to this release for more secure website. :)

To grab the latest, visit MODx Download Center.

There is some new stuff on the developer scene as well, be sure to check out new MODx Development Resources: SVN, Bugtracker and Roadmap.

Enjoy the new release.