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MODx Revolution has arrived with more big things on the horizon

Finally, MODx Revolution has been launched publically. Yay! its a big milestone in the MODx timeline. Jason Coward, Shaun McCormick and other folks were working on it very diligently for almost 2-3 years now. This release has seen tremendous interest from all over the world, and it is unbelievable how fast people have adopted MODx Revolution for their cms of choice to build awesome stuff for their clients.

Go get it! and if you want to, I mean, you should read the official announcement which reveals lot more details about the release. Read the Revolution documentation with lots of additions/improvements on daily basis. You can also review the changelog here.

If you are new to MODx you’ll be surprised at how friendly and amazing the people in the forums are. Head to the MODx forums. Don't get to forget to browse the MODx Showcase to see how people are really using MODx.

Oh wait! there is more!

There are new blogs from lead developers and the co-founder himself. They are finally writing something for you to read, and that is definitely interesting and helpful if you have MODx as a key part of your business. Here is the list of new blogs you can follow now:

Ryan Thrash - co-founder, your main contact for all "MODx Business", particularly he shares some important insight related o where MODx is heading in this post: Big Changes Coming Soon to MODx

Jason Coward - lead core developer for MODx, and the inventor of xPDO

Shaun McCormick - "known for pumping out quality code in a 10th of the time a normal human being would be"

There are lots of new resources/blogs where people are now sharing their MODx tips and tricks, I will cover them in my next post very soon. So Happy MODx'ing!