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Another release coming out soon

There are some cool news surfaced on MODx forums about their next release. I am very excited about the new features coming in MODx 0.9.2... Here is summary of some of them:

Bootstrap installer: This feauter probably going to be my favourite feature! it will make the installation part much easier then present one. As they described in their news:

A new Bootstrap Installer system that makes installing or updating your site to the newest version a single sub-30Kb file upload.

...and with this version users can skin the manager with single CSS file, so I am looking forward to see the new manager skin popping up :D, and who knows, may be I'll get some time to bake couple of them too ;).

There are lot more bug fixes and security enhancements to the system and some nice additions to the MODx Team too.

So, stay tuned! this release is going to be pop-up very soon.

Oh! I forgot, you can also read the original announcement. :D