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Setup and configuration guide for PHP4.x, mySql4.x, phpMyAdmin on IIS6

I just found a nice guide to setup php4.x, mysql4.x and phpmyadmin on IIS6.0 written by YowZa at SWiSH-DB.

Few words from the guide:

After searching the web, trying many many guides from many many places, I decided to put this together so I can remember what required as little effort on my part to have a Free Production Grade database server, and a way to manage it from the internet.

The guide is intended for those that want to run PHP4 in ISAPI mode instead of CGI mode on Windows 2003 Server Internet Information Services 6 (IIS).

This guide is NOT intended for Apache server and has specific intructions for setup IIS6 and using NT usernames to secure phpMyAdmin from IUSR (guest account).

You can read the full guide here at SWiSH-DB.