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NetJaxer - Web 2.0 on desktop

While reading the, I came across NetJaxer - Web 2.0 on your desktop.

NetJaxer is an easy way to integrate your favorite web apps into Windows. Create a desktop or quick launch icon. Load any web page when Windows starts and run it as a tray icon.

I installed it on my computer and so far its a very basic software which allow you to manage your shortcut links in on your desktop/start menu/quick launch/ or windows startup folder. I know we can simply dra'n'drop the website address to desktop to make a shortcut, but in it there are some more visual features, like you can choose an icon from little but nice collection of icons shipped with NetJaxer. You can use "Run as tray icon" feature to keep your important application/website in tray for quick access.

I like the idea and hopefull to see more features from the developers in future such as login/password manager etc.

Oh! Its totally free!

Website | Download