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Here comes MODx Revolution Beta release

Hey folks, the long awaited beta release for MODx Revolution has just arrived!

Download it from: Read the installation instruction. There is no automatic upgrade from Evolution (aka branch as of yet, but that is planned for an upcoming Release Candidate.

Please read the MODx Revolution 2.0-beta-1 Release Announcement for further details on whats included and whats not, and how to make most of it.

We Need Developers!

Now that there's a fixed preview point, it's time for those developers who've been lurking out there to start contributing. Along with the preview, we're also unveiling our new development infrastructure, centered around a full Atlassian stack:

Make sure to read theHow to Become a MODx Contributorpage.

Also check out:
Development and Testing Notes

Thats it for now. Enjoy the new beta and lets get together in MODx Forums for discussions.

PS. Did I tell you that MODx Evolution (1.0) is also around the corner?