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Ramadan Mubarak

Photo Credit: Emad Badr

Ramadan Mubarak to every muslim brother and sister. Thanks to Allah who gave us another chance to make amends to our ultimate gradebook. Its another chance to thank Allah for what we have and ask for more from him. He really likes who keep asking him for more. Lets pray for his blessing upon us, our families, our neighbors, our country, and for the whole world. Lets ask for peace and harmony. Lets try our level best to say prayers and fast during this holy month.

If you can, please remember me in your prayers. Yes, we really need each other's prayers. May Allah make you happy and successful in your life and bless you with inner peace.

For those who like to watch Taraweeh prayers from Makkah

Youtube is making it possible, just goto As in Google's own words:

This is the first LiveStream event coming from MENA, specifically Saudi Arabia, and we hope that it will give the opportunity not only to two billion Muslims but to the entire world to observe one milion Muslims praying each day from the holiest point in Makkah, the Kaaba, for the first time in history.