MODxpo 2010: The MODx CMS Conference Dallas, TX


I am sharing some links/resources from people who are attending the conference and share bits and pieces of this great event in MODx history.

MODxpo 2010 Videos

Updated and Old links removed

MODxpo Day One - 640x480 version

Atlanta - GA Texas Server Size
Keynote - Ryan Thrash Video 1 Video 1 585MB
Bespoke CMS - Jeff Whitfield x Video 2 0.98GB
Panel Discussion Video 3 Video 3 777MB
MODx in Enterprise at Dell Video 4 Video 4 990MB
MODx in Enterprise at Dell - Two
Video 4b Video 4b 94.8MB
Templates & Site Building Strategies - Charlie Madison
Video 4c Video 4c 558MB
Basic Website Security - Everett Griffiths x Video 5 965MB
E-Commerce Bootcamp - Brett Florio x Video 6 1.29GB

MODxpo Day Two - 640x480 version

Atlanta - GA Texas Server Size
Hello. Meet Revolution - Shaun McCormick x Video 1 1.40GB
xPDO: Foundation for the Future - Jason Coward x Video 2 1.12GB
Round Two - Charlie Madison Video 3 Video 3 810MB
MODx + Windows: Open Source Interoperability - Josh Holmes x Video 4 1.27GB
QnA - Shaun McCormick x Video 5 1.51GB
Digital Butter - Glen Chu and James Bodell Video 6 Video 6 285MB
Panel Discussion - Core Developers x Video 7 1.27GB

YouTube video of Photos taken at the MODxpo

Note: This page will be updated as soon as I have more data to share, so check back.